Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Land on the Moon Virtually

Remember that NASA conference I blogged about on Jan. 25? The one where folks were going to discuss how, using synthetic worlds and gaming software, one day we might all get to "go along" on NASA space missions? Well, we certainly aren't there yet, but a new animation, enabled by what NASA calls "the highest resolution terrain mapping to date of the moon's rugged south polar region," gives you a glimpse of the virtual future.

Check out the briefing about the extraordinary new Moon views and likely landing spot for the next lunar mission here. "We now know the south pole has peaks as high as Mt.McKinley and crater floors four times deeper than the Grand Canyon," says Doug Cooke, deputy associate administrator for the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters.

Who knows, by the time the mission launches, we all really might get to go along . . . virtually, of course!

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