Friday, January 11, 2008

Opening Shot

In hopes of avoiding the navel gazing and pontificating so common to this form of publishing, I hereby vow to use this blog judiciously and only as a means to convey information I have found useful, provocative, insightful and enlightening.

I am a wordsmith and editor, a lover of the written word and, until recently, a member of that tribe of alchemists of words and images known as magazine editors. I relish the company of writers. I belong to the church of explanatory journalism and narrative nonfiction. But I'll be doggoned if I can figure out what will become of them as print journalism continues its surprisingly rapid demise.

My expertise is in federal government, whether it be management, buying and selling in the federal market, applications of technology, entrerpeneurship within agencies, leadership, running programs and projects, or myriad other aspects of the work of democracy.

Now I've begun a quest for new ways of conveying information, explaining, investigating and commenting on federal operations and governanace. My goal: to explore, examine, exhort and excite interest in virtual government. I hope to share my fascination with the potential for new, more effective, more accessible ways of doing America's business using a host of digital tools.

From gaming platforms and synthetic worlds . . .

To computers we can use more intuitively to visualize more information so we can compare, contrast, combine and manipulate it more easily . . .

And more.

It promises to be a fabulous, fascinating journey, so let it begin!

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